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Guardianship and Conservatorship

There are several reasons why you may need to initiate guardianship or conservatorship proceedings, such as to care for an elderly person, to protect an elderly person from financial predators, to care for and make financial decisions for an adult disabled child, to make financial decisions for a person who is incapacitated, or to hold assets such as a personal injury settlement for an incapacitated person. If you need to establish such protection for a loved one, Gemma Law Office, P.C. will provide guidance and representation to you throughout the court process.

Court Authorized Estate and Trust Planning

For incapacitated individuals for whom it is appropriate to establish an estate plan, we represent clients in their petition to the court to create a plan or take other protective arrangements to help or benefit an incapacitated person who is incapable of creating their own estate plan.

Special Needs Trust

There are two general types of Special Needs Trusts:  a Third Party funded trust and a self funded trust.  Both trusts enable an individual to be eligible for public benefits, while having assets available to pay for specific needs not covered by public funds.  There are many ways to fund special needs trusts. For example, you could direct money from an inheritance, life insurance policy or personal injury settlement to fund the trust. The person you name as trustee would manage those assets and use them to provide supplemental income for the beneficiary.  Or the beneficiary, in a self funded trust, would use their own money to fund their trust.  Please call to discuss how Special Needs Trusts may meet your goals.