Estate Planning & Probate

Our clients want to leave a legacy of love and gifts – not a complicated estate, fights among heirs, and unnecessarily high tax payments to the IRS.  We understand.

Our estate planning is focused on preparing affordable and efficient estate plans that will accomplish client objectives in the least costly manner possible.

Our probate practice is focused on helping ease the burden on estate administrators by undertaking as much of the probate work as possible, answering questions that arise, and helping solve problems that may develop.

If problems develop during the probate administration, such as either the defense or challenge of the validity of a will or trust, for example due to undue influence, lack of testamentary capacity or fraud, we represent and advocate for our clients before the Massachusetts Probate Court, District Court, and Superior Court.

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What Our Clients Say

“My wife and I are very thankful we hired Gemma Law Office to help us out with a trust matter, we had an attorney working on the issue we were having for months with no resolve, We hired Anthony Gemma and a week later all issues were resolved, Thank You Tony You Are The Best”

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Case summary: Foisie v. Worcester Polytechnic Institute (1st Cir. 2020). No. 19-2090

When estate planning is being undertaken at the same time that a person is separated or getting a divorce, it is critical that the person engaging in estate planning fulfill their other obligations concerning asset disclosure in connection with the divorce or separation. A person may not simply shield their assets from a divorce by creating and transferring their assets to a trust, or otherwise giving away assets.