Personal Representative and Trustee Disputes

Administering the estate of a loved one or a loved one’s trust is sometimes a thankless job. While most estates are administered and completed with little or no significant disputes, this is not always the case. Unfortunately, in some estate administration cases, significant and intractable disputes can arise, particularly if there are significant assets at stake.

When estate administration disputes arise and become serious, it sometimes is the case that one or more of the potential heirs or beneficiaries to an estate may file litigation seeking to have the personal representative of the estate removed. Such litigation may also entail bringing charges of mismanagement, conflicts of interest, or even assertions that the personal representative does not have the ability to administer an estate properly.

I’m available to represent personal representatives when allegations of misconduct are made.

Trustee Disputes

When a loved one has left a large sum of money or other assets in a trust, it is not uncommon where a trust beneficiary will want access to money to which they may or may be entitled. In these circumstances, if a trust beneficiary threatens or initiates litigation against the trustee, I’m available to defend the trustee and any charges made against the trustee concerning trust management.

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