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After a loved one has passed, the probate process must be undertaken.  I help Personal Representatives fulfill their duties in connection with the probate of their loved one’s estate.

At the outset, I assist in the appointment of a Personal Representative with the court.  It’s important to understand that although a Personal Representative may have been nominated to serve in a will, the person must still be approved and formally appointed by the court.  If there is no will, I can help you become the Personal Representative for your loved one’s estate if you wish to serve in this capacity.

Helping Personal Representatives Fulfill Their Duties

Personal Representative duties include:

  • Gathering and making a list of estate assets and debts. An inventory of all assets and debts of an estate must be made as soon as possible.  We can explain and assist in this process.
  • Boston Estate Planning LawyersPaying (discharging) all appropriate debts. The debts of your loved one must be paid before any assets can be distributed. My firm can assist in the bookkeeping matters related to such payments.
  • Protection of assets. Often, money must be expended for asset upkeep and protection.  For instance, safeguarding and maintaining appropriate insurance may need to be done with respect to a house.
  • Having prepared and filed final tax returns. Final tax returns will need to be filed on behalf of your loved one. The firm can prepare federal and state estate tax returns when required, or assist the tax preparer that you have chosen regarding any questions or information needed.
  • Distributing assets in connection with the will or intestate distribution. Often, issues arise concerning asset distribution. I will be there to provide guidance and answer your questions. I also will assist in preparing the legal documents required to transfer assets, such as deeds for real property.
  • Making all legally required filings, including those to close probate and protect the Personal Representative client from future liability claims.

I Can Keep You Out of Court

I and my firm can handle the vast majority of work that needs to be undertaken with respect to the probate process so that the work and time required of you will be limited.  In most cases, unless a dispute or unexpected matter arises, we can also make all required court appearances.

You Will Have Questions – I Will Provide Answers and Guidance

I know that in most cases, those serving as Personal Representatives will likely not have served in this capacity before. I take the time to explain all aspects of the process, including what needs to be done at each stage.  I can take on most, if not all, of the bookkeeping aspects that are related to probate, so that your work will be minimal.

I also know that in many cases, particularly when there is no will, questions (and possibly disputes) may arise concerning estate administration.  I can advise and guide you on these aspects so that you can protect yourself and fulfill your fiduciary obligations.

Please call to find out how we can take on the burden of helping you through the probate process for your loved one.

I offer a free, no-obligation initial consultation in order to learn about your probate needs.

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