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Disputes can frequently arise in connection with the probate of a loved one’s estate.  Frequent matters of disputes concerned who is entitled to administer the estate, questions about how decision should be made, and how assets should be distributed.

In some cases, a loved one may have died without a will. Although it may be clear under intestate law as to who is entitled to inherit the estate, the distribution of assets may not be so clear. Houses, vehicles, valuable tangible assets, and heirlooms all must be divided. The person serving as the personal representative may also be entitled to inherit under intestate law. When more than one person is entitled to inherit assets, there naturally may be an honest difference in opinion as to how the assets should be divided to be “fair.”

Probate issues can also arise even if the loved one has left a will. Many times a will does not provide for the distribution of specific assets, or assets that may have existed at the time the will was prepared have been replaced with other assets.

For years I have helped clients address these and many more issues that often arise in connection with a probate matter.  With this experience, I help clients protect their interests and also, to the extent possible, seek to conclude the probate process expeditiously. In most cases they are many types of processes that can be used in seeking to resolve an estate even in matters that may initially appear unresolvable.  If the matter cannot be resolved to a client satisfaction, I am also available to represent clients in any will contest or probate litigation that may ensue.

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“Tony was highly recommended to me by another attorney for his specialty in Probate. I had quite a mess on my hands and had received legal advise prior to Tony’s that complicated my situation even more. After the initial consult with Tony I was much more comfortable with my situation. This process is not cheap and a lot of proceeds can be at stake so you will want to get it right from the start. Call him and he will answer, email and you will get a reply. Hire him and you will have closure.”

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