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Estate Planning Attorney and Will Lawyer

Protect Your Assets & Loved Ones and Minimize Taxes

As an estate planning lawyer and will attorney, I help clients develop customized estate plans to protect their assets and wishes during life, and to direct the distribution of assets after death.

I typically create estate plans on a fixed fee basis once I know about a client’s circumstances and needs.

I serve clients in the greater Boston area, including Braintree, Quincy, Weymouth, Brookline, Hingham, Plymouth, the South Shore, and throughout Massachusetts.


Tony helped me create an estate plan several years ago after a death in the family. When I decided to take a look at the plan this year to see what might need to be updated, Tony was extremely helpful and he and the staff made it very easy to update the documents. It’s always a pleasure to with with Tony and the staff!


Typical Estate Plan Components

Estate Plans normally consist of: 

  • A Will
  • A Trust (in some cases)
  • A Living Will (also called a Medical Directive or Advance Directive)
  • Powers of Attorney (in the event that a person cannot make their wishes known due to an extreme medical event)

I prepare estate plans with the objective of creating an efficient, manageable, and cost-affordable plan based upon a client’s needs and objectives.